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Road to rescue

You might think we’re here to just have a lot of fun with fast moving, high voltage vehicles...and you’d be right.

But we also have a long-term vision; to save late model ICE vehicles from scrap as the inevitable move to electric vehicles continues.

An example; the Toyota Hilux is one of Australia’s best selling utes. But what happens when a competitively priced, fully electric tradie vehicle hits our shores?

Far from ruining the weekend, it’ll start a mass transition to low-emission alternatives that will accelerate rapidly into mainstream use.

Great, but what happens to the tens of thousands of diesel Hilux utes that’ll be left on the dealer forecourt? What about the thousands of others that are only a few years old, but suddenly have a far lower resale value?

What if we could design a fast and cost-effective conversion process for the Hilux – or any other popular vehicle – that can divert these ‘leapfrogged’ vehicles from scrap?

That’s the vision behind our custom EV builds.

We’re building an inventory of classic EVs

The Electric Car Café team love the elegance and style of Land Rover, Range Rover and Land Cruiser models.

That’s why we snap them up from paddocks and sheds, people’s front lawns and from under garage dust covers. They’re transported to our Melbourne workshop, where they’re placed in workstream for repair, paint, interior restoration, new tyres and a general bit of love.

Once roadworthy, our team start the conversion process. You can purchase your classic electric Land Rover, Range Rover or Land Cruiser at this point and customise your range and comfort level, or browse off-the-shelf vehicles.

Each time we convert a custom vehicle, we’re incrementally improving the design and creating a faster, more cost efficient process that integrates latest thinking and technology. We do this in partnership with conversion experts and workshops all over the world, with the eventual aim of creating at-scale conversions.

Follow our custom conversions

If you’re not quite ready to get yourself on the electric highway just yet, you can follow our custom build milestones and get some inspiration for your classic EV.

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EV high voltage training courses

Along with our friends in the EV Alliance, we’re preparing the knowledge bank that’s needed to train e-mechanics of the future. Upskill yourself with our Electric Vehicle High Voltage Safety Training course and we’ll notify you as we release new ones.